Tu Hieu Pagoda - where keeps time

14 Dec

Tu Hieu Pagoda – where keeps time

In the southwest of the city of Hue, from “Dan Nam Giao” about  2 kilometers, along with “Thien Mu Pagoda”, “Tu Hieu Pagoda” is located Duong Xuan Thuong village, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue City. It is one of the Vietnam’s ancient pagoda which underwent with many events of the ancient capital. It was built on a low and flat mountainous areas, a cool pine hill is in front of gate of the pagoda. Next, a small stream with clear water pours water all the year around. When you step through the gate of the pagoda, you will see a half circle lake of “Tu Hieu” with reflection moss. All of them created peace and a beautiful painting feng shui for this place.
Precursor of “Tu Hieu Pagoda” was “An Duong Temple”, it was built by Nhat Đinh monk who is an erudite monk. In 1843, Chau Phuoc Nang eunuch who worried that nobody organized anniversary for him so he contributed to restore “An Duong Temple” and “An Duong Temple” became a pagoda. Afterward, “An Duong Temple” was named “Sac tu Tu Hieu Tu” by Tu Duc King. Since then, the name “Tu Hieu Pagoda” is known and all of the eunuch those who contributed the pagoda would be buried in the pagoda.

“Tu Hieu Pagoda” has not only a long story but also unique architecture, the unique architecture has characteristics of the  ancient capital. “Tu Hieu” is also famous for a unique cemetery where the eunuch of Nguyen dynasty was buried. It was located about 50 meters from the main temple on the left of “Tu Hieu pagoda”. There are 20 tombs which are devided into three ranges, the top of each tomb engraved name, age, hometown, second name,position and date of death of the each eunuch. Every year, on the full moon day of November of Lunar calendar, “Tu Hieu   pagoda” organize anniversary to remember those who have died, there are the eunuch of Nguyen dynasty those who contributed money to build the pagoda.

Tu Hieu Pagoda is now an attractive destination for many tourists and foreign. After walking to visit tombs, temples, “Huong River”“Ngu moutain”, many tourists come to “Tu Hieu pagoda” where has kept unique architecture of the ancient capital.

(Source: aroundvn.com)

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